Log burner glass

Has the glass in your log burner broken? Rather than replace the entire unit, Adrian Welch Glass & Glazing can custom-fit log burner glass. This will help keep costs down, while making sure your log burner continues to function as well as it should.

What log burner glass do we use?

We're a stockist of Neoceram, a specially coated, heat resistant ceramic glass.

The coating makes sure soot doesn’t build up too quickly, and it can easily be cleaned. It's designed for use in stoves, ovens, Agas and fireplaces, so you can be sure it's up to the job.

How do I get my log burner glass replaced?

There are two easy steps for a log burner glass replacement.

1. To make sure your log burner glass is a perfect fit, we'll need you to give us some measurements. Ideally - and if it's practical - we'd like you to bring the broken glass with you so we can use it as a template.

If not, then please supply us with the following:

  • The height and width of any rectangular panes of log burner glass
  • The diameter of the circle if you need a circular glass replacement
  • A template of any arched heads or complex shapes. Please use rigid cardboard, it'll make our job a whole lot easier!

2. We'll cut the glass while you wait. That way, you can take it home with you straight away and go back to enjoying your log burner.

If you're after replacement log burner glass in Doncaster and surrounding areas, give us a call on 01302 304555 for more information.